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Deep Thoughts: Google Glass – it’s baaaacckkk….

Yep, our favorite privacy stealing, eye sore (no pun intended) has returned but in a different capacity. Business! Alphabet (it’s really Google but we don’t care) has said that there are about 50 businesses out there using a newer version of the failed accessory to help on the more operations side of things (versus the […]

Intelligence that is artificial? Sounds about right.

I’ve been a bachelor for the past five months. Fancy pants wifey got some prestigious grant and has been off in South America doing a research project while I’ve been left to my own devices. Primarily breaking things around the house, eating cereal for dinner every night, and staying up past my bedtime watching Agents […]

HR of the future: robo-resources

I read an interesting article from Fox (don’t judge – they have some good content) the other day about Unilever’s new approach to hiring. Since the fall of 2016, Unilever has used AI to make the hiring process faster, less cumbersome on the hiring manager and, most importantly, brings to the front the best of the best […]