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Deep Thoughts: Give the gentleman what he wants? A perfect fit.

If you’re in retail you’ve probably stumbled across the story of Marshal Fields and his now famous saying (and retail advice), “Give the lady what she wants”. While the more discerning consumer with the income to support her tastes can easily hop over to Bergdorf’s or Saks and have a personal shopper cater to her needs and in fact (and ease) give her what she wants – the internet, and the explosion that is online shopping, has made that very challenging. Indochino however is making the high touch experience one gets in stores accessible online through their multi-channel shopping experience.

I’ll shift gears now from giving the lady what she wants to giving the gentleman what he wants as Indochino (for now) only caters to the bespoke man seeking threads that are highly customized… and as I write this I think it’s fair to point out that I have been a customer of theirs for years so will be composing this through the lenses of both academia and heart. They’re a B+ in my book – more on that at another time.

“It’s all about proper customization and pertinent content on that site for you as a consumer” – Pilar Catala, Indochino

That quote is what every major online retailer is looking to accomplish. Having been with fashion retailer Victoria’s Secret for the better part of a decade, it was the “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow. Where other retailers have faltered, Indochino (from first contact to final delivery) seems to be on to something.

Let’s say you’re a first time customer and you are introduced to Indochino through their Traveling Tailor, pop-up shop. You log on to your computer and go to indochino.com, click on “Showrooms” and you are immediately shown your closest location and a call to action to book an appointment. From there you choose your purpose and personal information. This data is sent to Indochino’s Qubit’s Visitor Cloud (a hub of information that connects data from different touchpoints throughout the experience which provides a single view of the customer). When you arrive for your appointment, your tailor has all your information on their iPad and begins the process of taking your measurements and showing you fabric examples – all the while capturing this information and adding it to your profile in the Visitor Cloud. At this point you may build your suit, or go home and visit their website and make your purchase online.

What’s great about the Visitor Cloud is that all the data that was collected at your appointment is now part of your online profile, meaning, every time you go to get remeasured your data will be updated – or – if you’re daring and have a tailor’s tape – you can measure yourself using their easy to use video instructions to get your information up-to-date (ah, the holiday 15).

All in all Indochino is making the high touch physical experience and bridging the gap between the physical and the digital through the use of customer data and multi-channel experiences that are tied together with a single…dare I say… thread. You.

Happy retailing,

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